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The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine was established in May, 1974, when Professor Hidemaro Mori moved to Kanazawa Medical University from Kyoto University and became the first Chair. In September, 1974, the Kanazawa Medical University Hospital started clinical practices as well as surgical anesthesia. In April, 1982, the Graduate School was established and Professor Makoto Aono came from Tottori University as a specially appointed professor. After Professor Mori transferred to Osaka Medical University in 1995, Professor Aono was appointed the second Chair of the Department until his retirement in April, 1999. Since April, 1999, Professor Hideaki Tsuchida from Sapporo Medical University has been the third Chair. Our clinical practices mostly take place in the operation rooms, but we are also actively involved in the Pain Clinic and palliative medicine. We also hold the office for the Japan Society for Geriatric Anesthesia and have been contributing to developments in the field of anesthesia for the elderly.

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Professor and Chair


Senior Assistant Professor

  • HONMA Keiko
  • KIDA Hiromasa

Assistant Professor

  • KANEKO Yuriko
  • TAKAHARA Asami
  • MORIKAWA Takanori
  • OGWA Miho
  • MATSUZAKI Nobuhiko

Clinical Fellow

  • TAKANO Natsumi

Research Achievements

Research Activities

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